Our Pastor

Brother Jay Jones, OSDW is a Texan nomad and traveling minister.

He was raised Baptist, but left the faith to seek and converted to Judaism in 1994, a journey that led to following Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn (Lubavitch Chabad) and later to Breslov and Rabbi Sholom Arush. In this later period, he was first a lay rabbi of OneShul, and the Lead Rabbi of Kehillot Yam.

In November of 2013, after a calamity in his family that saw the loss of both his children, he found himself talking to the very one he didn’t believe he could find himself speaking to… Jesus Christ. This event completely turned his world upside down and set him on a new path.

Jay began studies at Christian Leaders Institute, where he now holds a full ordination and an Advanced Diploma of Ministry.

In 2014, he joined the Order of Saint Dyffrig of Wales, and became accepted as a traveling minister. He is now fully nomadic.

Brother Jay stepped into the position of Online Pastor of The Jesus Underground in 2017.